Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am a rule follower.  I can't help it.  Rules bring order to an otherwise chaotic world.  They give us boundaries and guidelines and allow us to move about without creating too much disruption to others.

That being said, I have a hard time following rules that I deem useless, ridiculous or otherwise unneeded.  For instance, there is a stop sign a few blocks from where I live.  The road I drive on when I leave my house intersects with another road that goes off to the right.  The road coming from the right has a stop sign.  I have NEVER met another car on this road...ever.  I'm sure cars use this road, as there is a house or two down there and it does wind around and make it's way into the town, but I don't see any during the time of day I go past.  So, let's say I come down my road and there is a car coming from the right...well, that car has to stop at it's stop sign.  SO, why do I also have to stop???  What purpose does it serve for my road to have a stop sign?  It goes straight down the hill, there is no need to turn or merge, and there is already a sign in place at the intersecting road.

I don't follow that rule.

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  1. I don't follow that rule either. Actually, I don't follow the rules for several of the stop signs in Walker. Especially the ones that weren't there when I started driving. If they weren't there so many years ago, why should we obey them now?