Monday, March 1, 2010

My Mother...and God

"You're going to get a ticket..."
"I don't understand why you feel the need to drive so fast."
"If you get pulled over..."

All of the above direct quotes from my mother this past weekend as we drove down to the cities and back.  She commented on my speed countless times and I replied with the following:

"I will not get a ticket.  I don't get tickets.  I will never get a ticket."

You should know that my mother is a praying woman.  She has a direct line to the Creator and prays for her children ceaselessly.  I have little doubt that her prayers last night went something like this...

"Dear Lord,
I love my daughter, Carrie Lynn, with all that I do You, Lord.  But that girl drives way too fast and needs to be taught a lesson.  So, Lord, if it be your will, teach her that lesson tomorrow on her way home from work. 

Well, Mom, with my foot in my mouth I can still say...

Prayers answered.  Lesson learned.  God is good.

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