Friday, January 21, 2011

Job offer

I was offered a job today.  It's a great position and would mean more money for us.  If I take this job I have to significantly reduce the amount of time I put into my other jobs.  Job #1, my current position, enables me to work with kids who need someone like me to pay attention to them, like them, listen to them and spend time with them.  If I spend less time in this position there is no doubt the kids will feel the effects.  Job #2, also a current position, gives me a little bit of the same opportunities.  Job #3,  again current, is something I can take a break from until summer.  Job #4, the new offer, would also enable me to work with kids every day...but do these kids need me?  Or, will they be okay with anybody? 

Do I leave the old jobs and take the new one?  Do I turn down the new one and keep the current ones?  What matters most; more money or more quality? 

As I sort this out in my mind during the twenty-four hours I have been given to make a decision, I keep coming back to the same question; where can I do the most good?

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  1. I already told you this, but you've answered your own question. Rarely have I seen a woman who can love, encourage, teach and reach young people like you do. You live your life for the right reasons and focus on the real rewards. You rise from ashes and continually amaze me. Victorious and beautiful, you are a blessing to this world. I am honored and button-busting proud to be your mom.