Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just heard that my Grandpa is in the hospital tonight.  I think he'll be okay...he has some dizzyness, pain, etc.  My Grandpa is pretty tough, nearly indestructable and build to last forever.

When I think of him I don't ever see him as an "old man".  In my eyes he will never be frail, weak or less than heroic.  He will always be a giant of a man.

Memories of my Grandpa include times at the cabin, shopping trips, promises of ponies and trips to Disneyworld (they never came true, but it didn't matter to me).  Grandpa would sing to us, speak Finnish and always tell us how much we were loved. 

Over the years Grandpa told so many stories.  Stories of when he was growing up, stories of his days in the war, stories of operating the crane and stories of driving the school bus.  He loves everything he does and takes joy in the blessings God gives him.  And he loves us. 

One Christmas, Grandpa recited Psalm 23 in his native language.  I wish I had recorded it so I could listen to it again. 

I love my Grandpa so very much.  He truly will live forever...this I know.

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